Best collection of Ceat car tyres in Noida showroom


  • Ceat car tyres are much reliable than all others tyres in the market and its seasonal diversity is not comparable.
  • Seasonal diversity of our country especially for Noida refers that the tyres should be seasonal comfortable and compatible with water.
  • For the tyre, it should be high running performer in all the season because of their logical and technical strangeness.
  • Their technical designs are being done to keeping in mind for its seasonal diversion and running smoothly specially in rainy-season.
  • Many technical points are also there which are responsible for the life of tyre and can facilitate to run faster-

Friction and then heat generation in the tyre due to the rubbing on the road:

  • The friction is generates due to the rubbing of wheels, road applies an opposite force on the surface of wheels.
  • Since friction depends on the number of surface molecules of tyre touched to road, greater molecules touched lager the friction.
  • Road’s quality is also responsible in friction generation as the degree of adhesive-force between the molecules of road and tyre.
  • Another important factor is Elasticity of the road that affects the rolling friction as its high then friction also high.
  • Another factor is the temperature of the road as due to high temperature, the collision among the medium particles increases.
  • Friction between the road and the tyre is also increase with increase in vibrations and collisions in the medium particles.
  • Speed of vehicle is also increases the temperature of the tyre and therefore rolling friction increases which may cause burst.

Running problem on wet road:

  • Wet road contain a big amount of water molecules on the road so they decreases the adhesive forces between them.
  • So that the slipping chances arises because effect of adhesive force is going to be small and attraction becomes less.
  • Dirt and dust particles mixed with water may are on the wet road so their griping on road is reduces.
  • These molecules of water and dust on the road increases the atomic distances between them so the friction gets decreases.
  • Due to these reasons non-comfort driving arises so Ceat car tyre in Noida is best as their compatibility with water.
  • All of these reasons motivate you to choose ceat which have using very strong technology to fight with these problems.

Now you may come at our showroom in Noida to get best quality ceat tyres.

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