Ceat in Noida is the best brand for comfort journey and high mileage

Most popularity tyre in Noida is CEAT:

  • The popularity of any tyre depends on their quality of material as well as their reliability, technology, weather compatibility and life.
  • To fulfil all these criteria, Ceat is most popular brand for all type of light and heavy vehicles in Noida.
  • Since all the ceat tyres are most compatible and comfortably fit with the wheel in all type of the vehicles.
  • Ceat is a most famous and very latest technology oriented tyre’s brand among all other brands present in the market.
  • Ceat manufactures very different quality tyres whose running life is very long with the efficient resistance which protect from slipping.
  • They make the tyre for all type of vehicles of all vehicles manufacturing Company with most compatibility and best fittings.

A great history of Ceat tyre manufacturing company:

  • The ceat manufacturing company has a great experience of about 100 years in the field of rubber and tyres production.
  • The ceat was initially founded as an Electrical Cables and Allied Products of Turin latter on started the tyre production.
  • Sir Virginio Bruni Tedeschi was the founder of the Ceat Tyre manufacturing Company who started in 1924 in Turin, Italy.
  • He started this company in India at 10 March 1958 initially in Mumbai and made collaboration with the Tata group.
  • Ceat group has set up a big research and development division in 1972 at Bhandup, to acquire the latest technology.
  • In the sequence of their expansion, a Fiber-Glass manufacturing company named Deccan fiber Glass Limited merged with this in 1981.
  • The new name of the company was CEAT which done in 1990 from initial name that was RPG Group Company.
  • After some time they make collaboration with Yokohama Rubber Company in 1993 especially to manufacture the radial tyres at Nasik.

Quality of their production:

  • Now they manufacture all type of great tyres for each vehicle and its product is most compatible with the vehicles.
  • They have specific researchers in their research unit and they are working to develop great technology for the ceat tyres.
  • Now this company manufactures each budget compatible tyre with their best technology as well as best material used in it.
  • We always maintain a great collection of the variety of ceat tyres and deals to these in the exact company rates.

Therefore Ceat in Noida is the best brand for each vehicle for their long life, high mileage and comfort journey.

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