Tubeless Service

Products And Services Available At Tubeless Service Point

The product portfolio of Tubeless Service Point in Noida includes a wide range of major branded motorcycle tyre, alloy wheels, car accessories, and motorcycle accessories. Bridgestone, Continental, Michelin, Goodyear and Pirelli kinds of tyre brands are available.

The tubeless tyre air pressure gauge, hydraulic jack, brake oil, gear oil, engine oil, tubeless tyre puncture kit, and other necessary car accessories are available at this outlet. Here, a customer can take services for their car such as tyre fittings, wheel balancing, tubless puncture repair, wheel alignment, tyre rotation, oil change etc. A well-trained team of technicians accomplishes services with promptness.

What Happens When Tubeless Tyre Puncture?

Tubed or tubeless both will meet same destiny if run over nail stip. The response will be different though. In the case of tubeless air, it will be at a slower rate because air eacape from tyre only through puncture side. Apart from this, you can run the car due to the strong sidewalk and can take it in Tubeless Service point or gradually drive up to 1-2 km and fix the puncture.

But in the case of tube-containing tyre tube, the air comes out fast from tyre (sometimes bursts inside). With puncture hole / s as well as tyre/rim joint area air leaks from the tube, so steering and driving will be difficult to handle and damage to the tyre due to excessive deformation of the side wall.